Our entire line of seasonings/rubs have won many awards including: several Golden Chile's from Zestfest Food Show and awards from America's Best Gourmet Food Show. Try them all: Southwest Blend™, Mississippi Dry Rub™ and Bayou Blend™.

Redneck Spinach Dip:

18 oz. Monterey Jack Cheese
8 oz. Cream Cheese
1 can Ro-Tel (Lime and cilantro)
1 pkg. frozen spinach, drained and thawed
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1 shallot, finely chopped
Dash Redneck Shake™ which every you like.(Warm,Hot or Real Hot).
Melt and mix all ingredients. Serve with corn chips or toasted pita bread chips seasoned with butter, lemon pepper and cumin. Bake dip at 400 for 10 minutes.

Recipe by: Kathy B., Little Rock, Ar


Spicy Cajun Shrimp:

1 lbs. raw cleaned shrimp
1/4 cup olive oil
4 tbls. of Redneck Shake™ (SW Blend, MDRub or B Blend)
2 tbls of bread crumbs
Fry in pan on stove top for about 5 minutes until pink.

Recipe by: Robb F., California


Easy Redneck Shake Dip:

16 ounces of sour cream, Approximately 3 to 4 teaspoons of a Redneck Shake™ Blend. Mix well and frigerate for at least 2 hours. Serve with chips or veggies. A definite crowd pleaser.

Recipe by: The Shake Man™


Redneck Sushi:

Start with 4 boneless skinless chicken breast, seasoned with Mississippi Dry Rub™, or your favorite RNS spice. Now light your grill. Take 1 lb. of Italian Squash or Zucchini, sliced from end to end, drizzle with olive oil (evoo) and season with lemon pepper. Start grilling the chicken first, about half way through grilling the chicken, start grilling the Italian Squash or zucchini, couple minutes or so on each side. When chicken is completely cooked through, remove from grill and let rest for a bit. Now the Italian Squash or zucchini should be done. Remove it from grill and set aside. Take the chicken and slice crossways, to approximately 1/3 " thick pieces, Take the Italian Squash or zucchini and slice into pieces approximately 2" in length (should fit on top of chicken slice). Place chicken pieces on platter, add a drop of two your favorite hot sauce and top with Italian Squash or zucchini slice. Serves several.

Recipe by: The Shake Man™


Bolo Cabbage:

Approx.10 lb stick of PettiJean Bologna (mostly sold in the south i think ), Sorghum Molasses (unsulphured), Garlic, Garlic, and more Garlic (Fresh, Caramelized, or Power) About 4 White or yellow onion's, Approx. 4-5 Bell-pepper's, and Approx. 3-4lb's. of Fresh mushrooms, fresh ground pepper some Durkee's chicken & rib rub (St. Louis Style), And some Cavender's Greek seasoning, 2 Large head's of cabbage. Cut the bologna like a subway sandwich (a med. V shape) lay it over to the side . Start puttin spices and rub to suit you (remember it's goin to be smoked for about 4-5 hour's at 225-300 Deg., Slice up the onion and bell peppers lay them in the valley of the bolo , save some for on top now!!! then just a even run or pour of molasses, then lay some mushrooms, and fresh ground pepper (course), put the top back on the bolo lay a few more onion's and bell pepper's, and some mushroom's, more molasses and spices, (optional homemade barbeque sauce, or olive oil, or maybe a stick of butter or all (totally up to you) I forgot to say start with a heavy sheet on alum. foil close it up do not close the top about a inch or 2 left open for smoke to enture, set it on the smoker.
Then take the 2 heads of cabbage and boil it until about half done, on a sheet of heavy foil, cut the center core of the cabbage out and deep enough to add a stick butter and 2 (two) cube's of beef bullion, close up leavin the top open about a inch or 2 (two)
Let it all smoke for about 4-5 hours maybe 5-6 hours
Take a little pride in your work, have nothing but fun wait it out and you will soon find yourself eating some the best bolo/cabbage you have ever had in your life, just a little trick set back and let people tell you they don't even like bolo you will be amazed at what happens. Enjoy the fun like I do.

Recipe by: David Tackett, Alexander, AR


Barbeque Baby Back Ribs:

Ahead of time, place ribs on with some water underneath (not touching meat). Season with garlic salt and celery salt. Top with lemon and onion slices. Cover with foil and bake in 350 degree oven for 2 1/2 hours. Cool and wrap in foil. Take these in the cooler. When ready to eat, brush on you favorite bottled barbecue sauce and grill for 30 minutes, flipping once and reapplying sauce. These ribs are fall-off the bone tender!

Recipe by: Rick D., Los Angeles, California


Cheeze Bread:

Well this recipe, comes from a friend in Cali. He said he needed a snack to go with his beer. Here's his story.

I had a hankerin' for sume cheeze bred. Went down to the North woods Inn and picked up O' Tub of their cheeze fixin' spread and put sume on sume Sower dowe bred and
addid a pinch of the Reckneck Shake™ "Mississippi Dry Rub"™ HOT Blend™ and had me a dee licious snake wit my beer.

Here's tha receipt, opps recipy:
1 or 2 pices of sower dowe bred
Sume Northwoods Inn cheeze spread fixin' and a pinch or helty shakin of the Mississippi Dry Rub™ and put the bred in a oven on broil for a few minites till goldin brown on top.

Redneck Dictionary:
Bred = Bread
Cheeze = Cheese
Sower Dowe = Sourdough
Dee Licious = Delicious
Minites = Minutes
Sume = Some
Snake = Snack

Recipe by: Mark A., Los Angeles, California


The Fish Recipe:

1/2 lb or so of Shark, Swordfish, Halibut or your favorite. Line a pyrex dish or oven safe dish with foil (easy clean up). Drizzle a little Olive Oil in dish. Place fish in dish. Drizzle Olive over the fish. Take some fresh rosemary sprigs (pulling leaves off, by pulling from tip), sprinkle over the fish, lay the stem around the fish in pyrex dish. Season with your favorite Redneck Shake™ Blend, zest of a lemon, and a couple of tablespoons of capers. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for approx. 20 minutes. Very pleasing to the palate and elegant, but easy. Serve with couscous or rice and a salad.

Recipe by: The Shake Man™


Pulled Pork Barbeque Nachos:

Restaurant style white corn chips
6 ounces Pulled pork cooked in the famous REDNECK SHAKE-Mississippi Dry Rub
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese
Your favorite hot sauce... (Redneck Shake Hot Sauce-coming to the site soon!!!!)
Grandaddys Ultimate Bourbon Blend BBQ sauce (see link page)
Heat until cheese is melted and eat it up!

Recipe by: The Shake Man™


Spicy Collard Green Wrapped Pork:

Take the pork butt and rub it down really well with the famous REDNECK SHAKE-Mississippi Dry Rub (you could use one of our other blends). Lay a piece of heavy foil (Reynold's Wrap), out on flat surface. Take a piece of butcher's string, lay it out across the foil, now lay some fresh collard green leaves on top of string and foil. Place the pork on the collard's, wrap with leaves, tie with the string and seal it all up in the foil. Place in your barbeque (in direct heat) or smoker for approx. 3 or so hours depending on size of your butt. You could also cook in your oven at 350 for 2 or so hours. Use meat thermometer to be sure your butt is ready.

Recipe by: The Shake Man™


Hush Puppies:

(1) cup white cornmeal

(1/2) cup flour

(1) Egg

(1/4) cup beer

(1) cup sharp cheddar cheese

(1 to 2) Jalapenos diced (remove veins and seeds for less heat)

Recipe by: The Shake Man's™ - sister

Chicken Chili:

2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken
3 lbs. canned great northern beans
1 Tbsp. EVOO
2 cloves garlic, crushed
4 medium onions, chopped
4 1/2 tsp. cumin
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
1 tsp. ground oregano
2 4 oz. cans mild green chiles, chopped
4 cups chicken broth
20 oz. Monterrey jack cheese
sour cream
Poach chicken in water until cooked. Saute onion in oil. Add garlic, chiles, cumin, cayenne pepper, and oregano. Cook 3 mins..
Add chicken, beans, stock, and 12 oz. cheese. Cook about 20 mins more. Top with a dollop of sour cream and a little more cheese. Serve with tortilla chips or crusty bread and a salad.
Serves 6-8


In this recipe, replace the cumin, cayenne pepper and oregano with Redneck Shake's - Southwest Blend. Experiment with each of them. - The Shake Man™

Recipe by: Elizabeth T., Tupleo, MS



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